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A History of Quality Fort Collins Car Repair


Campus Auto Repair is Colorado-Owned Family Business with a long history as a well-respected Northern Colorado automotive specialist. Founded in 1996 by Steve Berney, Campus Auto Repair used to be “Campus West Texaco.” Do you remember it? Many CSU students and professors do!

It quickly established itself as a trustworthy and top-quality Fort Collins car repair center.  Mr. Berney’s expertise as a car mechanic—he knew hundreds of makes and models of cars inside and out—was surpassed only by his honesty and trustworthiness.  He envisioned a Colorado automotive specialist that clients could trust as they would a friend and neighbor.

The Next Generation
In 2008 David Berney, Steve’s son, took over the business.  David grew up very much his father’s son.  He spent his childhood around the shop and began working on cars at age six. Grease was in this boy’s blood and he always loved to spend time in the shop, to meet the customers and to learn the ropes as a born and bred mechanic.  David remains the active owner/manager of Campus Auto Repair.

photo of David Berney, Campus Auto Repair, Fort Collins, ColoradoDavid Berney is a renowned Colorado mechanic.  He earned his automotive certificate at the Front Range Community College and is an ASE Certified master technician.  Ask any of his clients and they’ll tell you that David is an expert Colorado mechanic who really knows his way around cars and trucks.  Whether it’s a Subaru or a BMW, a diesel truck or an Audi, David knows cars. 

 Commitment To Customer Service 

Campus Auto Repair is committed to customer satisfaction – your satisfaction.  They  know that no matter their talent and aptitude, if you don’t like your experience with Campus Auto Repair -  you won’t be a repeat customer.

That’s why they go out of their way to provide quality work at competitive prices and all with a friendly attitude and a wide smile.  They also offer an extensive list of ‘extras’ to sweeten their service – like a shuttle service, referral program and great special deals.  

If you’re not happy with your Campus Auto Repair experience, they want to know your opinion and be given the opportunity to make it better.

Quality Work
Owner David Berney constantly learns about the new lines of cars and trucks and stays up on the latest trends in automotive repairs.  He streamlines his business so that he can provide the best quality repairs at the lowest possible price and of course he guarantees everything he does.  He also gears his shop towards automotive maintenance and preventative check-ups to serve his clients ….before they’re pushing their cars into the repair bays.

Commitment To Integrity and Trustworthiness
The minute you meet David Berney you’ll know he’s an upstanding fellow.  He’s been known to drop people at work and even tow the car of an elderly customer for free—because he’s a friendly, community-oriented guy.  If you’re looking for a Colorado car repair company you can trust, you’ve found it.  Honesty and integrity are the cornerstones of this business.

At Campus Auto Repair, all mechanics are fully certified and have the experience to do the job right.  We have twenty plus years of combined experience in Colorado car repair and a great track record for maintenance and diagnosis.


Sadie, Administrative Assistant, Campus Auto Repair, Fort Collins, COSadie Shepherd believes, “Customer service is key.”

Sadie is the “voice” of Campus Repair. She schedules maintenance and repairs, orders and tracks parts; in general she ensures smooth day-to-day operations.

As someone with extensive experience managing a commercial auto parts department, Sadie is likely to think outside the box, customizing solutions to fit clients' unique situations. She takes into consideration quality, speed and cost to give Campus Repair's customers the best vehicle repair experience possible. She is quick to recognize which parts may be available in the aftermarket and when to call a different parts dealers.

“I am always pushing myself to try and find parts as soon as possible and for the right price. I particularly enjoy finding those 'hard to find' parts. I would like to think there isn't a part I cannot find.”

Sadie is absolutely committed to the shop and their customers. She has this to say about Campus Repairs, “I enjoy working in such a close knit shop. Being a part of a local business is a great experience everyone should have once in their lives. It’s really nice to call your boss by his first name!”

With customers she is upfront about costs, delivery times and what to expect. As can be the case, once the repair is in progress, need for additional repairs may be diagnosed. Sadie calls the customer, explains what's been found, how much it will cost and how long it will take. She loves being able to have clients' vehicles finished on time or sooner; if she can save them some money, all the better.

Enrolled in the Automotive Technology program at Front Range Community College, Sadie goes to classes part time. When she isn't working or studying, Sadie is an avid reader. She and her husband Jesse also take good advantage of the outdoors hiking, swimming, picnicking and BBQ-ing.


Tom Loomis, Alignment/Full Service Technician, Campus Auto Repair, Fort Collins, CO

Tom Loomis is one of our Alignment/Full Service Technicians. He has been working on vehicles for 34 years! If you have a vehicle that won't drive straight, has a vibration or is wearing tires, Tom is the man we trust to get your vehicle set to rights.

Not only can we trust Tom to deliver quality Alignment results and repairs, Tom is a wealth of information about fishing lures and camping spots. He even chose the spot for our annual Campus Repair camping outing this year!

Tom is an avid outdoorsman, he enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, boating and a lot more. Tom Loomis is ASE Certified. 

Campus Repair's Alignment Full Service Technician Eric Knabenbauer, Fort Collins ColoradoEric Knabenbauer is one of our Alignment/Full Service Technicians. Eric has extensive dealership experience including working for Toyota and Ford. He also has worked on Fire Engines and emergency equipment. Eric is a well rounded technician and overall a pretty swell guy!









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