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Having a car problem and you don't know where to begin? Is it serious enough to bring it in to a shop, or could you just do the work yourself? There are so many questions about cars, and if Campus Repair can save you a trip in to the shop ... we're happy to help!

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Do you do electrical work on 75 fiat Spyder?


Hey Jim,

Thanks for your interest! I'd say that the electrical work on your Spyder is just a bit out of our wheelhouse. I would recommend getting in touch with an import shop that specializes in old, foreign stuff. They'd probably be stoked to take on a project like that!

Our Mechanic

I have a 2005 Dodge Stratus that is being given to our son for a learning car. As of right now we are looking for a quote for a replacement of the radiator. 



We would be happy to help with a quote but we need the engine size of the Stratus to be any where close to accurate. They put 3 different engines in those cars and the radiator would be very different for each one. Feel free to call the shop for a quote over the phone!

Our Mechanic

My 2007 Saturn Aura is not blowing hot air. In the summer it wasnt blowing cold air. 

Also my break lights turn on while I'm driving and go off when I push down on the breaks. 



Hi Tanya!

The reason your car may not be blowing hot or cold air when you want it is either because there is a non related issue in the engine cooling system and the a/c system simultaneously, or there is an issue with the blower motor that blows the hot/cold air into the passenger compartment. Both are equally possible, you may be able to tell which type of problem you have if you put your hand over the vent and feel if there is airflow- if there is and you can control the fan speed to increase it the problem is with the heating and A/C system. If you don't feel airflow but you can feel a little warmth chances are the blower motor is not working. We can diagnose the problem either way for $98


Onto your other issue- if the red parking brake light comes on on the dashboard that means there is an issue with the brakes and you should have them checked ASAP. You could be low on fluid due to wear or a leak. 

Feel free to bring your vehicle to the shop whenever you would like and we would be happy to help you get these issues figured out!

Our Mechanic

My 2008 Saturn aura is reading 2 codes while the check engine light is on, one is the cam shaft  exhaust canister. I am wondering could this code mean morecould be wrong  then just the part itself? 

nicki Wolff


Your are correct, there could be something wrong with more than just the part. The description of a check engine light code is usually vague, it is not designed to say "the oxygen sensor on the left is bad" it will usually say " bank 1 sensor 1 O2 high voltage" The onboard engine computer can't diagnose itself, it just lets us know when something it is receiving as signal is outside of what it expects. It is up to us to find out why that is and what needs to be replaced to get the system operating normally again. To diagnose any check engine light code the starting cost would be $98. From there we can give you a quote on what needs to be done to remedy the problem. Feel free to stop by the shop or call if you have more questions!

Our Mechanic


My 2008 Chevy Silverado truck needs a new rear main seal. (I know it is located between the engine and the transmission.) What time and cost are involved in this repair? 


Hey Danielle,

Thanks for getting in touch with us! The rear main seal replacement involves removing the transmission and transfer case to access the seal and retainer gasket. So the engine size, transmission type and whether it is four wheel drive or not can change the price. Generally it takes up to two days and the labor cost is around $800 and the gaskets are about $70. Without knowing more about the truck that is as accurate as we can be. Feel free to call the shop if you have questions!

Our Mechanic

I have a 1994 Oldsmobile Ciera.  Two times it has died when I've been driving it around for a while on hot days.  It will start right up again and idle while in park or neutral, but when I tried to put it in drive or reverse it would keep dying.  After it sat for 10-15 minutes it started up and drove normally.  I took it to my usual mechanic and they had it for days and couldn't recreate the issue, so were unable to give me any kind of diagnosis.  They suspect a faulty ignition control module but say they can't for sure test it unless the car won't start.  I'm leaning towards telling them just to replace the i.c. module because I don't want to pay 100.00 for another diagnostic that turns up no results.  Any opinions?

kristin sullivan


Diagnosing a car that is not acting up is a hard task, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack! The ignition control modules are a high failure item and they can cause the same symptoms you describe. It will be a gamble to replace a part with no proof it's bad, but it will also be a gamble to keep driving the vehicle knowing it could die again. If you can afford to replace the ignition module it might just fix your problem, or it could at least eliminate that as the problem and allow for the diagnosis to continue. Hope that helps!

Our Mechanic

Hi my namebis Omar and i have a 2002 chevy monte carlo and it needs a new timing chain gasket. I was wondering how much would it cost to get this serviced. 



Thanks for getting in touch with us. The Monte Carlo's came with two different engines either the 3.4L or the 3.8L. To give you an accurate estimate we would have you come in and get the VIN from the vehicle and inspect it for the leak you described, if the leak is not immediately recognizable we may degrease the engine and schedule a follow up to find the leak. The degrease service is $60 and there is no charge for the follow up, a regular inspection is only $49.09. Let us know what would work best for you!

Our Mechanic

Just got a 2003 Trailblazer has slight coolant smell inside while driving. Smells like needs heater core replacement. Saw your info said you were great for these kinds of problems. I understand you haven't seen it yet, but about how much for RnR core and repair or replacement of core ?

Thank you.


Stephen C Stewart


Thank you for getting in touch with us! We are happy to help you with your Trailblazer. You do describe one of the many symptoms of a bad heater core, the others are coolant pooling in the foot well, no heat from the vents, overheating of the engine and coolant building up on the windshield. A cooling system pressure test will tell us for sure if the heater core is leaking and if it is the total cost for a replacement including parts, labor and tax would be $726.72. Let us know if you have any more questions!

Our Mechanic

I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe that has just started leaking some antifreeze. When can I get it in ? Is it possible to approve a dollar amount for repairs when I drop it off ?

Many thanks,



Terri, We could get you in as soon as Monday the 20th. It is possible to approve a certain amount for repairs. We can make any and all arrangements to make sure the repair goes the way you want it to and that you stay within a budget. Please feel free to call the shop to set something up!

Our Mechanic


I have a 2005 Toyota Camry LE. My rack and pinion is leaking, what would the cost of replacement and labor be?

Cindy Tse


Thanks for getting in touch with us. To replace the Rack and Pinion and then perform an alignment afterwards the total cost would be $1134.13. This includes replacement of any power steering fluid we lose during the repair, if you would like the fluid flushed for a more complete replacement the total would be $1246.60. This service would help the Rack and Pinion last much longer and the rest of the power steering system to recover from fluid loss damage. If you would like to schedule this repair please feel free to call the shop!

Our Mechanic

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