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Having a car problem and you don't know where to begin? Is it serious enough to bring it in to a shop, or could you just do the work yourself? There are so many questions about cars, and if Campus Repair can save you a trip in to the shop ... we're happy to help!

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Sometimes when I step on the brakes it feels like they are grinding and they don't work as well like the car is not going to stop. Do my brakes need to be checked?



From your description it sounds like your ABS or Anti-Lock Brakes might be engaging. The grinding noise/feel is the brakes being engaged and disengaged very quickly to avoid lock-up. Depending on when this is happening it may be a normal reaction to wheel slip or it may be happening because of a faulty part. More often than not a faulty wheel bearing or wheel speed sensor can cause unwanted ABS engagement. It also can be caused by worn tires that allow wheel slip but rarely is it due to the brakes. We would be happy to investigate your problem for $46. Please call the shop to set up a time to bring in your vehicle (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

I have a Oldsmobile aurora and when I'm sitting still it feels like it's not getting enough gas, was told it was the gas cap and air was getting into the tank but I close it tight and it still does it. What could be the problem and how much would it cost to fix?



Your vehicle's problem could be any number of things. It could be an ignition related problem that is causing a misfire at idle, it could be a fuel problem where the injector isn't working properly or it could be caused by an input to the engine's computer which is making it run poorly. I am not sure a leaking gas cap could cause your problem as you describe it. If there is a check engine light on that would help point us in the right direction. Please call us at the shop so we can diagnose your issue for you, the cost for that would be $92.00. The phone number is (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

My tires are wearing on the outside edge, why is this happening? 



There are a few reasons your tires would wear like that. One could be a lack of rotation, when you turn your tires flex and put pressure on the outside of the tread. This happens most on the front since that is where a majority of the vehicle weight is located, so that is why it is important to rotate your tires every other oil change. Another cause could be an alignment issue such as excessive toe or camber. Either one of those angles being out of adjustment can cause tire wear rather quickly. There is also the possibility that you have one or more steering or suspension parts that is loose which causes movement while the tires are rolling down the road which equates to irregular tire wear. We can check all of these things out for you for $49.00. Please feel free to call the shop at (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

I have a 1989 Chevy cavalier 4 cyl. It will not start, I had to have it towed home. I was told it is either the timing belt or the starter. The tow truck driver said have the timing belt checked first. I guess my qusetion is, if the timing belt is not working will that make the car not start? What do you charge to check to see if it is the timing belt or if it's the starter? Would you be able to give me an estimate of how much timing belt replacement will be?

Karousel Reed


The 1989 Chevy Cavaliers mostly came with a timing chain rather than a belt, to confirm this I could check the VIN number for you. That being said it is rare but not unheard of for a timing chain to break, it usually happens to vehicles that are very high mileage (think 200k plus). If the timing chain did break or jump time the engine would not start, this is true. We can diagnose your no start issue for you for $46 and give you a definitive answer as to why the engine will not start. Please give us a call at the shop to set up a time for you to bring in your vehicle, the number is (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

My sunroof if not working on my 2002 oldsmobile aurora we thought it might be the motor but we ended up getting it ahit all but 3 inches.  What could be stopping it from shutting the whole way?



Joaquin Jiron


There may be something in the sunroof track that in binding the motor and causing it to stop moving, there may also be an electrical cause for the motor to stop running like a relay that isn't working or a short in the motor. If you would like us to take a look at it we would charge $46 to diagnose the problem. Give us a call at the shop to set up a time to bring your car in. Thanks for thinking of us!


Our Mechanic

I have a 2005 Hyundai Sonata. Lately it's been acting strange. It rumbles forward when stopped, then when I accelerate it almost stalls and feels like it's going to die. It doesn't do this everytime I drive, but gets worse as I drive for longer periods of time. There is no 'check engine' light. Would you still be able to diagnose the problem and how much would it cost?



We would be happy to look into your vehicle's problem for you. Since it does not act up all of the time we will need atleast a day or two to drive it and get it to act up so we can get to the bottom of the issue. For this we would charge $92.00. Feel free to bring the vehicle by the shop whenever you can spare it for a day or two, we can also arrange for you to drive our loaner vehicle while we are working on yours, we just need a couple of days notice. We look forward to working with you and thanks for thinking of us!


Our Mechanic

i have a HAUNDAI SANTA FE BATTARY full charge starter good engin will not turnover



There are a few things besides the battery or starter that can cause the vehicle not to start. There are relays and inputs to the engine computer that all have to be working correctly before the computer will allow the engine to start. We would be happy to diagnose your issue here at the shop for $46. If you need a tow to get the vehicle here we offer towing within Fort Collins city limits for $65. Please feel free to call the shop to set up a time to bring your vehicle in (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

Whenever I run my AC there is a spot on the ground where I am parked, what is this? Do I need to have it checked out?



9 times out of 10 what you are seeing on the ground is condensation from the A/C system which is diverted from the evaporator box to a drain designated somewhere in the body of your car. This is totally normal as long as the spot is water and evaporates. If the spot left by your car is oily or smells sweet it may be a leak from the engine in which case it would be a good idea to get the vehicle checked. If that is the case we would be happy to look at your vehicle for $46. Please feel free to call the office for an appointment. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

How much do you charge to figure out a check engine light? How come some places charge for it and some don't? My car isn't running any differently but the light won't turn off. 




It sounds to me like you may have an evaporative emissions code, they always turn the check engine light on but often do not effect the way the engine runs. First we would check the codes stored and develop a game plan for the diagnosis from there.

Every shop is different in what they charge for the work they do, here at Campus Repair we charge $92.00 for a check engine light diagnosis which is an hour's worth of the technicians time whether it takes him an hour or more. We have ASE Certified technicians with ten years or more of experience working on your vehicle and they are using the most up to date industry standard equipment. Though some shops choose to do this for free we prefer to make sure our technician is paid for his time so that he or she does not rush or jump to conclusions. It also makes it easier for the front desk staff because they won't have to make up for lost time by selling repairs that are extra or unnecessary. The best part is for our customers, with the diagnostic fee we include a full vehicle inspection. We prioritize any thing we find as well as the repairs for the check engine light so that you know what is necessary to keep the car running for today, next year or five years!


Our Mechanic

I recently had both front and rear breaks on my car replaced along with all the rotors yet when I step on my breaks it sounds like there is a grinding in the front driver side. What would it cost to have someone look at where the noise might be coming adn when might be the best date to book something?

Charlie Jimenez


We can look into your grinding noise for $46 at the very most, if there is indeed a brake problem discovered and you approve the work I will not charge you at all. Right now I am booking for Thursday the 22nd if you need to have it done on the same day. If you can drop it off and leave it for a day or two you are welcome to do so at anytime. Thanks for checking in with us!

Our Mechanic

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