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Having a car problem and you don't know where to begin? Is it serious enough to bring it in to a shop, or could you just do the work yourself? There are so many questions about cars, and if Campus Repair can save you a trip in to the shop ... we're happy to help!

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My 2000 Nissan Maxima engine check light is on.  The OBD II code is P1230.  I have changed out spark plugs. Replaced coils and added injector cleaner (Techron) to the fuel.  The car runs better but light still comes on.  The rough running is cold start after sitting 24 hrs.  Runs OK after warmup.

My question is, "Can you diagnosis the problem beyond OBD?"




There are a few things we can do for this issue. Though using scan data will help us know if the engine is actively misfiring and causing the code, we can also do a number of checks on the ignition system to verify the coils and spark plugs are working correctly, as well as being triggered correctly. One issue we commonly see with Nissan cars is that the aftermarket parts available for them are often not up to the standards of the original equipment. Usually we will use OE parts when doing a repair on a Nissan. Let us know if you would like us to pick up where you left off and get to the bottom of the problem!

Our Mechanic

Hi there,

I have a 2013 Chevy Cruze, when I turn my heater on, my drivers side works fine although I don't think its getting as hot as it used to, and my passenger side is blowing cold air? Any ideas on what the problem may be along with an estimated price to fix? Thanks!


Haylee, thanks for contacting us! There are a few reasons you could have unsatisfactory and uneven heat in the car. One could be an issue with the air doors that direct the flow of air either towards the evaporator for cold air or the heater core for warm. They are controlled electronically so we would have to test and make sure that they are moving the way they are supposed to. There could also be a shortage of coolant that makes it so there isn't enough in the system to supply the heater core, thus giving you cold air. There could also be a blockage in the airflow caused by a plugged up cabin air filter. So we would need to check all of these items to figure out which is causing your problem and what needs to be done to fix it. The total cost for the diagnosis would be $98.18, the repair could range very widely, but we would always let you know before any repairs were done. If you have any more questions or would like to schedule a diagnosis, feel free to call the shop! (970)484-4040

Our Mechanic

My cars brakes recently started grinding pretty loud every time I brake. I was wondering if this is something you could take a look at and fix? Also, how long does it usually take to have my vehicle fixed? Do I need an appointment?


Blake Wessbecker


We can definitely help you with your grinding brakes! Usually if you need the vehicle repaired same day we would schedule an appointment for you, right now we have openings on Thursday or Friday. Please call the shop to set something up (970)484-4040!

Our Mechanic

I have a 1998 Toyota Rav4 which has had issues starting for the past month. 

One (really cold) day i went to start it and nothing happened. The lights on my dash worked and my headlights worked but no sounds came from the engine. First we tried jumping it. It didn't work. My father and I looked online and decided to look to the starter motor. We had it tested at an auto parts store and were told it was fine. Then we tested the battery. It wasn't charged but it was also fine we were told by an auto parts store. We had it charged and turned to the alternator. Also fine. We put the car back together again and then we attempted to start. After a few tries it did start and continued to start for a few days. Then it did the same thing again. After trying a few times and messing with the battery it started again and worked fine for a week. This has happened 3 more times and I'm just not sure where to turn to look for a problem. 





From the sounds of it you may have a bad connection at the battery or corrosion build up that is causing a bad connection. You may also have a weak battery that just can't hack it in the cold weather, or a component like the starter or alternator that may perform well on the bench test but not in its environment where it is under load and driving conditions. To test all of those parts in their working environment it would only cost $29.45 and we could help you get to the bottom of the issue. Let us know if this would work for you!

Our Mechanic

hello i have a 1993 Mazda 626 LX 5 speed 4  cylinder front wheel drive. that i just boutgh and I'm pretty sure the clutch went out. I have the new clutch just have no way of putting it in or a way  to get it to the shop. also I am going to need a tune up, oil change, and tires rotated and both front wheel bearings and a tow... I work Monday -Friday 8am -5pm and latter....Will you accept the clutch I bought form AutoZone still in box it is the whole clutch kit .... How much do you think it will be to get it ther and fixed   


Jordan Frey


Thank you for thinking of us! Unfortunately we do no accept customer supplied parts, however if you have the receipt and are interested in us doing the work for you we can get it here and take a look at what will need to be done and you can return the part. For a newly purchased vehicle it is usually wise to take a look at what the vehicle needs and what shape it is in before we start replacing parts that may be new or hardly used. To inspect the vehicle we only charge $49.09 and the towing would be $70. From there we can let you know what will be necessary to get the car running and in good shape. If this sounds like something you would like to do, don't hesitate to call the shop to get it all set up (970)484-4040. Thanks again!

Our Mechanic

My 2002 Chevy Cavalier has a broken lock cylinder--it takes so long to get my car started! I have brought it into the shop before and I think you all gave me an estimate on it then, but I have lost the estimate and am wondering how much it would cost altogether to replace my broken lock cylinder. Thanks for the help!



Nicholas Hess


Thanks for checking in with us! I put together a quote for the lock cylinder with all the necessary components, like new keys and reprogramming it. The total replacement cost would be $556.22 for parts, labor and tax. You would get two new keys and the passlock system would be reprogrammed. It has been a while since your last visit and I am not sure you would need all of that, ideally we would want to take a look at the key and how it fits into the lock and see if there was a more economical approach. Feel free to call the shop and we can schedule you in!

Our Mechanic

My brake light and battery light came on in my car.  It was very dim and would fade in and out.  Can you tell me what this may mean?

Jessie Raschen


This is a great question! The lights on the dash each mean a different thing, for instance the brake light will come on when the parking brake is engaged or if the brake fluid is low. When the battery light is on it means that either the battery or the alternator output has dropped below 12.6v. If the voltage is low in the system that can cause other lights to come on, so sometimes the battery light has to be treated first. We can do a full diagnostic for you for only $49.09. 

Our Mechanic

I have a 2009 ram 1500 and the when I'm driving down the road the front end squeaks non stop on any road unless it is really smooth. Any ideas what could be wrong or would it be best to bring it in?

Tyler Riviere


There are a lot of things in the suspension that could cause a squeak over bumps, to name a few there are shocks, ball joints, sway bar links and any of the steering components like tie rod ends. So it would be beneficial to bring the vehicle in so that we could narrow it down to where the squeak is coming from. It could be as simple as a ball joint that needs lubrication! Let us know when you would like to schedule an inspection!

Our Mechanic

I have a 2000 Camry with 275,000 miles on it. I have never had to do any major repairs on it, but have kept it maintained over the years.

Right now I have a problem with the car not wanting to start. It started happening several months ago. It would have a hard time starting after sitting overnight. When it starts the clock and radio settings are wiped out. My battery is two years old. I had it tested and it seems good.

Recently I took off the battery cables and cleaned the inside of the connectors. The engine light went out and the car was starting right away. That was about a month ago. Now I have to start the car every few hours to make sure it will start and the clock and radio have reset within that amount of time. 

My check engine light was on for about 6 years with mechanics saying they couldn't find a reason. Each time I changed the battery, the light would go off for a few months. It went out again with the most recent cable cleaning. It makes me wonder if there is something electrical draining the battery. Or starter cables not connecting, or something drawing on the alternator. 


Can you give me suggestions? Thank you. 

Karen Richwine


I agree that there may be something drawing down the battery or an issue with the battery itself. Sometimes the battery can perform well on a bench test but not perform well in the vehicle. We would be happy to help you solve this problem so that you can have more confidence starting your vehicle! We would start with a general starting/ charging systems test which costs only $46.75, if that did not offer any insight we would move on to electrical testing which starts at $93.50 and goes by the hour. Please let me know if you would like to schedule an appointment. Call the shop at (970)484-4040. Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

I have a 1997 Honda Accord. The key will fit in the ignition but it will not turn. I have tried spraying rubbing alcohol into the ignition an sliding the key in and out as well as jiggling the key and quickly turning it left then right. Initially my steering wheel was not locked but one of the times I was trying to get the key to turn and turning the wheel simultaneously the wheel locked. I checked my battery terminals and they are not dirty, I also had a new key cut for the car. So far none of these things have worked. 



It is possible that the ignition lock is simply worn out and needs to be replaced. It is common on older Japanese vehicles that this would happen and is usually caused by excessive weight on the keychain that pulls down on the lock cylinder and makes the wafers misalign. We would be happy to help you get this problem solved, feel free to call the shop to schedule an appointment (970)484-4040

Our Mechanic

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