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Having a car problem and you don't know where to begin? Is it serious enough to bring it in to a shop, or could you just do the work yourself? There are so many questions about cars, and if Campus Repair can save you a trip in to the shop ... we're happy to help!

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 I have a 1997 Honda Civic. About a year or so ago, my fuel gauge stopped working. I was using the odometer to figure when it was time to refuel my car.. Very recently, the speedometer/tachometer AND the odometer all stopped working. Is it a cable, of is it more?




It is not likely that a cable could be causing all four of those issues. The fuel gauge not working could be caused by a faulty gauge or a faulty fuel level sender in the tank. Given that you are also having issues now with the other gauges, it is possible that the instrument cluster has failed. The instrument cluster usually receives information from either the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) or the Body Control Module (BCM). There could also be an issue with either one of those modules or the wiring to and from them. Either way the only way to know for sure is to do a series of electrical tests to find the culprit. This type of testing ranges but we start with a preliminary inspection to mitigate issues like blown fuses, rodent damage, etc. This inspection is only $46.75 and we can fit you in this week! Please feel free to call the shop for more information! (970)484-4040

Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

I have an issue with my car it's an 06 camry. Whenever I put on the brakes it makes a hissing noise. I think I need new brakes. How much does that cost?



There are a lot of things that can cause a hissing noise when applying the brakes. It could be something as simple as a rock caught in the wrong place! In order to get you an accurate estimate I encourage you to swing by for a brake inspection, there is no cost to you and we can get to the bottom of your noise concern. Please feel free to call the shop to set an appointment! (970)484-4040 Thanks for thinking of us!


Our Mechanic

I have a 1996 gmc jimmy 4x4 and when I try to start it it make a loud metal grinding or winding noise and it doesn't start please help!!!



It sounds like it may be the starter that is the source of the grinding or winding noise. We can tow it to the shop just to make sure for $65. From there the starter replacement would be about $400 for parts and labor with a lifetime warranty on the starter. Give us a call to schedule your vehicle in today! (970)484-4040

Our Mechanic

I am having windshield wiper problems on my 2010 Subaru Forester. My driver side windshield wiper gets stuck under the passenger side wiper. That wiper also is extremely loose and has fallen off the side of the car multiple times. I am unsure whether this is a wiper motor issue or if the hardware keeping it tight is stripped. How much would a repair like this cost? Thank you!



From the sounds of it your wiper transmission may be having issues, that is where the wiper arms bolt down and the back and forth motion is transferred from the wiper motor. Replacement on that piece would be around $550-$575 and the parts take about 3 days to come in. For this case it would be good to make sure that was the actual cause, we would charge about $46 to make sure that we are replacing the right parts to fix your vehicle and also explore any other options to get you back on the road sooner! Give us a call to set up a time to check out your vehicle (970)484-4040

Our Mechanic

My truck turns over, but won't start, doors will not unlock, dome lights do not turn on when doors are open and the dash clusters all stay at zero. 

thought it was the battery.  Had the battery test and it's good. 

Any ideas what it might be? 



With the combination of the functions that are not working as well as the no start issue, I would think that there is a problem with either the Body Control Module or the Powertrain Control Module. In order to narrow it down and give you a price we would need to have the vehicle in for some diagnostic testing. The testing should run you about $92 and then we can give you a quote on the correct repairs to fix your truck. Give us a call at (970)484-4040.

Our Mechanic

Hi. I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty Renegade. I went to Big O' Tires for oil change and they said my breaks will need to get changed soon and that it would cost about $400. How much would that cost with you guys? Thank you.



It is hard to give you a quote for the brakes without knowing what exactly needs to be replaced. We would be happy to take a look for you and provide a quote. A usual brake job either includes replacing the brake rotors or refinishing them and then of course replacing the brake pads. The range for that would be $189-$279 per axle. Please feel free to bring in your vehicle so that we may give you a quote for your exact needs. Our phone number at the shop is (970)484-4040

Thanks for thinking of us!

Our Mechanic

I have a 2000 gmc jimmy and my fuel gauge is not reading right. It says I am out of gas when I just filled up and sometimes it doesn't want to start. How much does it cost to fix it?



Both the Jimmy's and Blazers made in the early 00's have had problems with their fuel pumps. The fuel pump sender is part of that unit and it is responsible for showing the level on the gauge. Commonly if there is a problem with the gauge as well as starting it means the fuel pump is beginning to wear out and will eventually stop working. I recommend that you have it repaired very soon so that you are not stranded somewhere and will have to tow the vehicle. Our technicians would be happy to verify the problem for you for $46.00, that way we know we are fixing the right thing to get you back on the road safely. 

Thanks for thinking of us!


Our Mechanic

oWhat are the types of things that need to be checked for winter time? Do you guys check those things and if so how much does it cost?



The most important things to check for winter time in Colorado are the coolant for the engine, serpentine belts, battery, starter and charging systems, as well as the tires, brakes and windshield wipers. We can check all these things for you as well as the steering and suspension, leaks of any fluids, bulbs and tune up parts for $46.00. It is important that your vehicle be in good condition to survive the winters and not leave you stranded!

Our Mechanic

Hi Campus Auto Repair,

I just bought a 1976 Dodge Sportsman motorhome at auction and upon trying to drive it home, it would sputter, make a few popping noises, then would have no power. Ended up putting it on the side of the road, came back later with some Seafoam and made it to a parking lot and got some fresh fuel in it. It had old gas and had been sitting for a long time, it only has less than 6k miles on it. I feel there is potential in it but am at a cross roads on whether or not to dump a bunch of money into it too. What do you think it needs as far as getting it back into shape and being a reliable motorhome for the summer? From what i've researched so far it needs an all fluid flush, check on the brake system, possibly rotor/cap, etc. Is there anything else big i'm missing? and do you have experience working on a 1976 dodge engine? (which i think is a Chrysler 440 engine) aswell as motorhomes for other issues like plumbing/aux power, etc. Also, not sure if this rig is supposed to have power steering or not but it was tough to turn the steering wheel to make any turns. Thanks!

Clint McCaskill


Thanks for thinking of us for your repairs. Unfortunately we are limited on the size of vehicles we work on. We can typically accomodate something the size of a large passenger van but that puts us at our maximum limit. If your RV is larger than that I recommend you look into taking it to someone who specializes in RV repair. There is a shop on east Prospect, RV World that may accomodate you. If your RV is smaller we can typically do some repairs on the engine systems but not on the comfort systems like plumbing, etc. In the interest of having all the repairs done at once I think an RV shop would be better suited to your needs. Good Luck!

Our Mechanic

I have a 2008 Suzuki Forenza. I recently had a clip ( or something...) fixed with the transmission. A few days later when pulling out of a parking lot the car began to have a loud banging and squeaking when it moves but not when I am breaking. I have been told by a relative that it could be the rotors? I am wondering if that sounds right and if so how much does that cost to fix? 



The squeaking you are hearing may be related to the rotors but the banging noise accompanied by it could be something else entirely. I recommend that you bring your vehicle in to the shop as soon as you can. Loud noises from a car can mean big trouble! We would be happy to look at your car at your earliest convenience.

Our Mechanic

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