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Routine Car Maintenance at Campus Auto Repair

Cars and trucks, no matter how well-built they may be, require a certain amount of maintenance in order to continue to perform. The idea is simple: certain parts of your vehicle cannot to be built to last longer than a couple of years (or in the case of engine oil, a couple of months). These parts need to be replaced before they die. If they aren't replaced, then they will put undue stress on other, more expensive parts.

In order to keep your vehicle running smoothly, efficiently, and safely, routine car maintenance is a must. This includes:

Have a certified automobile
mechanic do your oil changes

Sure, you can take your car or truck to a franchise to get your oil changed – and feel really good about keeping your vehicle maintained. But wouldn’t it be even better if the person changing your oil was a certified car mechanic … someone who knew the ins and outs of a vehicle and could tell if something was amiss - almost intuitively?

Bringing your car or SUV or truck to Campus Auto Repair to have its oil changed makes a huge amount of sense. It costs no more… yet the person doing the ‘routine’ work is highly educated about engines and car and truck bodies. He’ll spot symptoms that the guys in a franchise bay might miss in their pursuit of large volume work.

Consider Campus Auto Repair for your next oil change – it’s just as fast as the franchises and likely way more informed.

  • Oil Changes
  • Tire Rotations
  • Tune-Ups
  • Seasonal Check-Ups

Oil Change Services

An oil change entails flushing all of the engine oil in the vehicle and replacing the oil filter.

Many vehicles need an oil change every 3,000 miles. Campus Auto Repair offers two different oil change services:

  • Full Service Oil Change – $44.97
    This is a full vehicle check in which all fluid levels are filled, and filters, belts, hoses, tire pressures, steering components and suspension parts are checked.
  • Synthetic Oil Change- $58.39
    This is a full vehicle check in which all fluid levels are filled, and filters, belts, hoses, tire pressures, steering components and suspension parts are checked.


Tire Rotation

Tire rotation means taking the tires off and moving them from one position on the vehicle to another. Tire rotation is necessary because of unequal weight distribution on most vehicles.

If you didn't rotate your tires then—on most front-wheel drive vehicles—your front tires would last only half as long as your rear tires. Tire rotation is important on rear-wheel drive vehicles too, though it may need to occur less frequently.

  • Basic Tire Rotation - $11.78
    This includes rotating the tires, checking tread depth and also checking the brakes. Low price for peace of mind!

Car or Truck Tune-Ups

A tune-up is one of the best ways of ensuring against large repairs in the future. This routine maintenance is essential for keeping your vehicle in good working order and preventing undue wear and tear.

Each vehicle has its own maintenance schedule and is built to withstand a certain amount of miles before requiring a tune-up. It also depends on the type of driving you do most often. Campus Auto Repair mechanics can advise you about how often you should have your car tuned-up. Link to the "ask a mechanic" page!

Campus Auto Repair offers different tune-up options.

  • Basic Car Tune-Up
    This tune up includes replacing the air filter, cleaning or replacing the spark plugs, replacing the distributor cap and rotor (on older vehicles), maintaining the spark plug wires, and replacing the fuel filter, the PCV valve, and the oxygen sensor. You'll need this kind of basic car tune-up approximately once every two years... though 'your mileage may vary!'
  • Full Tune-Up
    The full tune-up includes everything in the basic tune up with the addition of fuel injection cleaning. Here your fuel pump is disabled first. Then a machine is connected directly to your fuel lines to inject a chemical that will clean the upper end of your motor. This is a great maintenance item to keep your engine operating at top efficiency. Get that 'oh so clean' feeling!

Seasonal Check-Ups

Because of the nature of Colorado's harsh seasons, car maintenance in Colorado should include a seasonal check-up. These should occur twice per year: once in the fall and once in the spring. The idea is that winter and summer are the harshest seasons for your vehicle and these check-ups allow Campus Auto Repair to prepare the vehicle for the coming season and see if there was undue wear from the previous one.

Campus Auto Repair's seasonal check-ups start at $49.09. A seasonal check-up can include:

  • Coolant flush – we use a power flush machine that fully drains, flushes, and refills your cooling system with new antifreeze
  • Belt check – we check wear and tear on belts and ensure proper tensioning
  • Brake cleaning – cleaning off winter salt, normal rust, and grime
  • Battery check – especially important in winter
  • Wiper blades – will they take water, slush and even grime off your windshield?
  • Tire pressure checks

Here's a nifty idea – hire Campus Auto Repair to inspect the car you are about to buy!

This is a must for USED car purchasers. Don't get stuck with a lemon. Make sure Campus Auto Repair mechanics give your prospective 'next car' the once over. They'll be thorough and you'll know 'what's what' before you buy!


Car maintenance in Colorado is easiest with Campus Auto Repair.

Once you sign up to be a Campus Auto Repair client, you'll be reminded of important service schedules regularly. That makes Campus Auto Repair your own conscientious car admin. They also offer some of the best prices for routine car maintenance in Northern Colorado.

Extended Car Warranty Service

Campus Auto Repair is a member of the Tech-Net Professional Nationwide Warranty circle. If ever a major repair we did doesn't hold during the warranty period, whether you're in Fort Collins or in Fort Knox or Fort Wayne, a garage that's in the circle will put things right. No charge.

Contact Campus Auto Repair for a maintenance appointment today.

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