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Engine and Transmission Repair at Campus Auto Repair

Finding a reliable transmission and engine repair shop can be frustrating. Engines and transmissions are the most important and most complex components on your vehicle and finding a mechanic who is affordable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy to repair these engine components is no easy task.

Welcome to Campus Auto Repair's Engine Repair and Transmission Shop.
They have a highly favorable reputation as an expert engine repair shop and transmission shop for domestic and foreign vehicles. When it comes to engines and transmissions you can count on Campus Auto Repair to:

  • Properly diagnose the problem
  • Efficiently repair the problem
  • Charge a reasonable fee
  • Complete the work quickly
  • Keep you informed and updated

Common Engine Problems
Nearly all engine problems can be categorized into four basic types:

  • Fuel mix problems
  • Compression issues
  • Spark issues
  • Starter problems

Fuel Mix Problems
A fuel mix problem means that the proper combination of air and fuel is not getting to the engine. This could mean that one or more of the following is happening:

  • Air filter needs to be replaced
  • Fuel injector is clogged
  • Fuel lines could be clogged
  • Bad fuel, or water in the fuel (from condensation)

Compression Issues
Compression must occur in order for the engine to function properly and for the gas and air mixture to ignite. One or more of these issues could be at hand:

  • Leak in the cylinders
  • Worn-out gaskets
  • Worn-out piston rings
  • Problem with air intake valve
  • Problem with exhaust valve

Spark Issues
The other component of a properly working combustion engine is the spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture. One or more of these things could be preventing a proper spark:

  • Worn-out spark plug
  • Worn-out wiring to spark plug
  • Timing belt is preventing the spark from occurring at the right time

Starter Issues
If your ignition is malfunctioning or your battery is dead, then you won't even have a chance to see if your engine is working properly. It won't turn over at all.

Other Engine Problems
There are a host of other problems that could prevent your engine from operating efficiently or operating at all. These include:

  • Overheating. This could be caused by a malfunctioning fan or fan belt or a lack of engine coolant due to an engine coolant leak.
  • Oil problems—using the wrong type of engine oil can have adverse effects on the engine. Also, faulty oil filters or simply dirty oil can cause a number of engine problems.

Rates and Timeframes
Most vehicles brought to Campus Auto Repair can be repaired in a day.

Contact Campus Auto Repair for estimates and appointments for engine repairs.

The best advice Campus Auto Repair
can give you is:

Maintain your transmission before it needs to be rebuilt!
Monitoring fluid leaks and levels, solenoids and needle bearings before they become problems can mean the difference between a $2000 job and a $200 job.

Just think what you can do with that money!

Campus Auto Repair's Transmission Shop

No one wants to hear that their transmission needs repairs. Rebuilding transmissions is one of the more costly repairs to a vehicle.

Campus Auto Repair specializes in both transmission repair and preventative maintenance for transmissions. At this world-class transmission shop, repairs and preventative care leads to less cost and hassle.

Before you get that 'sinking feeling' that you're in for a big transmission shop bill – contact Campus Auto Repair.

Automatic Transmission Repair
Usually automatic transmission repair is best left to the experts. An automatic transmission is a complicated machine. Campus Auto Repair mechanics have experience working on thousands of transmissions and have rebuilt hundreds of them. You won't find a more knowledgeable or reliable shop in Northern Colorado.

Manual Transmission Problems

Manual transmission problems can potentially be easier and faster to remedy than automatic transmission repairs. A worn-out clutch is the most common issue, but other things can happen as well.

Rates and timetables for transmission work
Campus Auto Repair mechanics have to see your vehicle to know how long it will take to fix the transmission. But they are always focused and efficient in getting the transmission repair done... and at considerable savings compared to transmission shop franchises or car dealerships.

Contact Campus Auto Repair today if you're having any transmission problems.

The sooner they get to it, the easier and less costly it will be.

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