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As parents of a CSU student who had borrowed our car, we were in need of a good shop and had to find one while not in the area. After speaking the first time with Campus Auto I could tell they were very knowledgeable proposing helpful solutions even to some problems that we thought were unfixable. Their work was thorough and as estimated. They kept us aware of the status and completed the work as promised. I would highly recommend Campus Auto to anyone. 

Anne Wells

I am so glad I went to Campus Auto Repair.  Normally anything that goes wrong, I take it to a mechanic, and I can automatically plan on $200 to start.  Friends recommended next time, go to Campus Repair.  Car suddenly was dead - no clicking, nothing.  A bank employee had jumper cables, car started, I figured I needed a new battery.  Went to Batteries Plus.  They, Patrick, checked everything, cleaned battery cables, checked my battery, alternator, said it was all good.  So, not wanting to be stranded, I took my car to Campus Repair.  Sadie got me in this morning, they checked everything, said the Batteries Plus person, Patrick, did a great job.  Battery is fine along with my alternator & starter.  I asked them to check my power steering.  Last oil change I was told it was leaking.  Sadie said it most likely just needed a clamp.  Checking everything out plus clamp - $49.71.  I've NEVER left any mechanic without paying at least $200.  Their service is wonderful, and their honesty is a joy to experience.  Next time, have no doubt where I'm taking my car.  Just thrilled friends referred them to me.  I'm now doing the same.

Beverly Hill

I come here for absolutely everything that has to do with my car and have never been so impressed with a service center in my life! Everyone is so kind and helpful and seems to really care! I never feel as if I am being over charged and I feel like they work with me to fix only immediate issues because of my college budget. I refer everyone I know to this business because I believe it is easily one of the best in Fort Collins! Thank you for always taking amazing care of my car!


I can't begin to say how many mechanics I have been to that didn't treat me with respect or be honest about the work that needed to be done on my car. I was given a tip to go to Campus Repair and I was blown away by the customer service and prices. I'm used to mechanics taking a look at my car then calling me letting me know what is wrong and a quote, then charging me something different and not fixing the problem. Sadie, the office manager, called me with an update every time they found something and was incredibly honest about why the work needed to be done, if it was urgent, and what the cost was. I felt like I finally found a mechanic that actually cares about me! I am never going anywhere else again!

Charlie Johnson
New Customer

My car started to lose cold air gradually right before summer this year and my dad, David took my car in for me for an a/c recharge because I was in the hospital having a baby......Campus repair was awesome!!!

They took a coupon my dad had and gave other discounts to help out. They were fast and now my air is super cold.

Happy mom and baby!!!!

Thanks again,

Dawn B. cool

Dawn Marie Burt

I have been to Campus Auto Repair 3 or 4 times. Every time I have visited their shop been very satisfied with their service. Every time I have shown up without an appointment and every time they are still able to get me in get out the same day. 

Very knowledgeable staff and very fair prices, I would recommend them to everyone.

Love their location as well. I am able to walk from where I live to their shop which is nice, because I can drop it off head home and then head back by the end of the day.

Thanks again! 

Jason S.
Happy Customer

Extremely happy with the customer service, quality work, honesty and fair prices at Campus Auto Repair.  They really went above and beyond to work with my son to fix a heater core issue on his BMW.  We have lived in Fort Collins for 16 years and been to many auto repair shops but Campus Auto Repair is truly the best in the city.

Jason Velez
New Customer


Thank you for your kind words! We truly take it to heart that you are pleased with your experience!


Campus Repair

I have used Campus Auto Repair for about 8 years. Both business vehicles and personal. I use CAR because of their know how and great customer service. Their prices are fair but more important "THEY ARE HONEST" not something I have found at other repair facilities - and yes in the 13 years I've been in Northern Colorado I have tried many. Jim Packard

Jim Packard
Control Environmental Group


It has been great working with you! Thank you so much for your loyalty, it really means a lot to us. What keeps Campus Repair going is customers like you!

Thanks again!

The crew at Campus Repair


Campus Repair

My daugther just moved to the Ft Collins area after college graduation and needed some steering system work done. Campus Auto Repair got the price way down, performed the work same day, and there were no gotcha fees at the end. My daughter won't need to look anywhere else for car repairs. Thanks from a concerned dad in Kansas City.

concerned dad


It was a pleasure to work with you and your daughter, we really appreciate the kind things you had to say. We look forward to working with you all in the future!

Thanks Again

Campus Repair


Campus Repair

I recieved an estemate for a new heater core back in early November at $611. (including tax) I received two other estemates that came in at least $200 more. So I take my 2000 Dodge Durango in and I extpected the jop to At least two days. They had estimated about 5.5 hours. It took 5.2 hours. I figured it would cost me more for extra parts an misc. stuff. NOPE! The only difference was the heater core was $4.00 more a month and half later only a little more for the misc. stuff. Bringing the total to $635. They were fast and curtious and professional. A job well done. Thank you.

Dan N.

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